Saturday, December 10, 2011

Philadelphia Area Cemetery - Holy Redeemer Cemetery

Holy Redeemer Cemetery - aka: Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery - is the Parish Cemetery for St. Peter the Apostles Roman Catholic Church, located at 5th Street & Girard Ave. The Cemetery is located on Richmond St. in the Bridesburg neighborhood of The City of Philadelphia.

Established in 1886, the cemetery takes up six city blocks on the west side of Richmond St. and runs west back to I-95. It also has five city streets that runs through it : Salmon, Edgemont, Thompson, Almond & Belgrade Sts.

This is the cemetery that started my interest in photographing cemeteries. It is one of the cemeteries that I visit most often since most of my PAUL - KAELIN ancestors are buried here.

There is also a plot set aside for the German Redemptrous Order of Priest. This Order, I believe (?), is the Order that founded St. Peter the Apostle Church.

One of the many Angels that top the graves in this cemetery.

This Angel sits atop the BLOECHLINGER grave.

This is my absolute favorite Angel in the entire Cemetery.
She/He sits atop a grave of a Polish Family.
Unfortunately, I cannot figure out what the surname is.

The same Angel again in the snow.

I think this Little Angel is adorable.

This is a gorgeous cross. It has some very intricate carvings in it.

This is one of my family graves.
The FOX family married into my PAUL family.

Hergets are from my PAUL-FOX Family ties.
Charles Herget was a German Redemptrous Priest.
He is buried in The German Redemptrous Priest Plot within the cemetery.

My Greatgrandparents, my Grandfather, & my Great Aunt & Uncle & cousin.
Martin J. KAELIN and Marie K. PAUL are my Grandparents.
Marie is also buried in this cemetery with her parents.

This cross sits on top of the headstone on the KOZUHOWSKI grave.

Another family grave. One of two LEINS graves in this cemetery. Leins married into my PAUL family.

The photo does not do this gravesite justice. The colors on this stone really stand out against the black granite.


Another family member.
McGUIRE's married into my KAHANA side of the family.
The Hawaiian KAHANA's are my Mother's Family.


Another MOOSEBRUGGER gravesite.
I found this headstone interesting. I just had an old Victorian feel to it.

The swirls in this headstone remind me of marble.
Sacred Heart.

One of the names that are associated with my KAELIN family.
I am not sure if this is one of my ancestors. 



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