Thursday, August 18, 2011

Philadelphia Area Cemeteries - All Saints Episcopal Churchyard

All Saints Episcopal Church is one of the older churches in the Torredale neighborhood of Northeast Philadelphia. The church was established in 1772. I do not know when the cemetery was founded, but there are several tombstones dating back to the early 1800s and many more that are obscured by time and exposure to the elements. The cemetery is small and very well maintained.
There are several names that people who live in Northeast Philadelphia may recognize as the names of our streets. Names like Ashton - Ashton Rd., Crispin - Crispin St., and Morrell - Morrell Ave.


Crispin-Gibbs Family
If I remember my history correctly, I believe that the Crispin Family, were related by marriage to Thomas Holme and his family. Thomas Holme was the first Surveyor General of Philadelphia.

Ellen Gibbs
wife of George

Marie Louise Sayre
daughter of
George and Ellen Gibbs
Charles Crispin
Mary Virginia

Elizabeth E.
wife of C.H. Crispin
and daughter of
George and Ellen Gibbs

George Gibbs

These stones are behing the Crispin-Gibbs row of stones.
I am not sure if they are part of the Family graves.
They only have initials on them:

 Morrell Family

 Biddle-Ward Family

 There are quite a few Biddle's buried in this cemetery. This is a close-up of the above grave.

A beautifully carved vault.

Some broken headstones and sunken graves.

A view of the cemetery from the back.

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