Thursday, December 29, 2011

Philadelphia Area Cemeteries - Old Crispin Burial Ground

Old Crispin Burial Ground
aka: Old Crispin Cemetery; Holme-Crispin Cemetery; Holme Family Ground.

This is a small Family Burial Ground on the northwest side of Holme Ave., just south of Holme Circle in Northeast Philadelphia.
Laid out in 1694 by Thomas Holme, Surveyor General of the City of Philadelphia, this 300 + year old cemetery is approximately 150' x 140' or about 1 acre in size. It was laid out for the use as a burial ground for Holme and his descendants.
Holme died in 1695 and is buried here, along with various members of the Crispin, Walker & other local Family members as well as some relatives of William Penn.
There is over 100 burials in this ground, however, very few of them have markers.
Surrounded by an 8' iron fence, the site is the 1st Historical Site in Northeast Philadelphia.

 Historical Marker that is on Holme Ave

 George Henry WALKER
 The last person buried in this ground, Mrs. Rachel POLK, was in 1863
 Monument erected in Memory of Thomas Holme.
 Close-up of monument
 This type of headstone is typicla of Quakers.
 View of the cemetery
Wider view of the cemetery

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