Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Phoenixville Area - Revolutionary Soldiers Graves

This cemetery is a small plot of land dedicated to the 22 Unknown Soldiers who were killed in the nearby German Reformed Church in 1778.
The Cemetery is actually in East Vincent Township on Rt. 23 (Ridge Rd.) & Hill Church Rd., just west of Phoenixville.

This is the Dedication Plague. The other plaque seems to be dedicated to a Carl E. McIlroy. I am not sure who he is. I assume he may be one of the men buried here, but I have not checked into it. If anyone knows who he is, leave a comment to let me know.

Historical Landmark Plaque

A view of the Cemetery's surrounding stone wall.

A view looking staright into the Cemetery.

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James McIlroy said...

Carl McIlroy is my grandfather he and a few others took it upon themselves to rebuild the cemetery walls flag pole and monument. He led the way so when he passed they dedicated a plaque to him. he also helped restore the one room school vhouse down the road and the covered bridge near by as well. if you want more information on him I'd would be happy to tell. james.j.mcilroy@gmail.com