Monday, May 10, 2010

Philadelphia Area Cemeteries - Laurel Hill Revisited

I spent Mother's Day in one of my favorite places: Laurel Hill Cemetery.
This is the country's second rural cemetery. It is a gorgeous Victorian Cemetery, with quite a lot of very ornate headstones, obelisks, mausoleums, and other cemetery structures.
These first three pictures show damage from the wind that we have been having here in Philadelphia. A huge limb from one of the many, many trees in Laurel Hill came down. However, the grounds keepers at the cemetery were right on top of it, the tree had already been cut in a few places and they were taking care of it.
Of course, we could not visit Laurel Hill without paying our respects to Harry Kalas. He is buried here along the Schuylkill River.
This photo is of a stairway leading up from the River. It leads up three levels to various mausoleums and graves.
This is one of the rows of mausoleums that overlook the River.
This appears to be a solid copper door to one of the mausoleums. It has a lovely patina and an ornate Celtic Cross engraved in it.
One of the many views. This shot is taken from one of the lower levels looking up.
This obelisk is on the other side of the wind damage shown above. It was completely unscathed.
This photo was taken near the grave of Gen. George Meade. If you click on the photo to enlargen it, you will see deer running through the graves.
These crosses are all lined up along an iron fence surroundingthe family plot that is behind them.

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