Thursday, February 04, 2010

Philadelphia Area Cemeteries: Northwood Cemetery

Northwood Cemetery was established 132 years ago in 1878.
It is st 15th St. and Haines Ave in the West Oak Lane neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Although the cemetery is not in the best o shape - some toppled headstones, broken headstones, etc. - it is well maintained. The grass is always mowed, old flowers are removed on a regular basis, and things like that.
This is one of my favorite cemeteries. It is not as elaborate as Laurel Hill, but it has it's own grace and beauty.
Here are some of the photos I have taken on some of my visits:

This is the family site of ADVENA - ARMSTRONG family

Here is a close-up of the Angel standing atop this grave.

This little headstone appears to be nothing special until you take a really good look at it. Do you see a woman?
This stone is different.

This Lady stands on top of the KELLER gravesite.

This gravesite and the one directly below are the graves of some of my family members.
Besides the LIEBs & LUXs, I have other family members buried in this cemetery, including:

Salome TRINKLER KAELIN, my Greatgrandmother

Frederick TRINKLER & Dorothea GLEIDEREN TRINKLER, her parents

Sarah & Mary KAELIN, two of Salome's daughters

Another family grave includes the CLOBES family. Henry Philip CLOBES married one of Salome's sisters, Eliza

Eugene LUX married Salome's other sister, Louisa.

This Angel is on the side of an obelisk.

SCHWEZLER gravesite

This owl sites outside of the SEIFERT Mausoleum

WEIDERMAIER gravesite.

Close-up of the Angel atop the WEIDERMAIER grave.

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