Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Philadelphia Area Cemeteries - Arlington Cemetery

Arlington Cemetery is situated on 130 acres just outside of Philadelphia, in Drexel Hill, PA. The cametery, which was founded about 1895, is very well maintained.
The Toppitzer Funeral Home operates out of the cemetery. Also housed inside the cemetery is:
The Museum of Mounrning Art
The Williamsburg Chapel
A Garden Mausoleum
The Monticello Mausoleum
and a Greenhouse
The Cemetery's office building is modeled after Mt. Vernon (George Washington's home)
I took the following pictures on a visit in the winter of 2008.


These Little Angels (Cherubs) are my favorite things to photograph. To me they actually bring a sense of life to the cemetery. They do not remind me of death, to me they symbolize life or a new beginning. I guess because the are Little Baby Angels.





I think this is a pretty cool headstone. It is different. Not something you would think to find in a cemetery.

Here is a close-up of the dial.

Just one of the many views of the cemetery.

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