Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bucks County, Pennsylvania Area Cemeteries - Washington Crossing

Included within the boundaries of Washington Crossing State Park in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, this tiny Cemetery is one of the many in this area dedicated to our Revolutionary War Soldiers.
This Cemetery is surrounded by a small stone walls and it sits along the banks of the Delaware River surrounded by evergreen trees.

The Thomas-Neely House (also within the Park) was used as a hospital during the wintr of 1776. It is unknown how many died there that winter, nor where their actual burial location was.

When the Delaware Canal was dug during the 1800s, many partial remains were found. This was also true with the many construction projects through the years. It is estimated that as many as 60 unknown soldiers are buried hroughout the Soldier's Graves area of the Park.
This is one of the Unknown Soldier's Graves from the site.
There are approximately two dozen graves here between the Delaware River and the Canal.
We were there in Febrary 2009, and the graves were still decorated. At first I thought they were still decorated for Christmas, but the more I thought about, maybe not.
All of them have this Revolutionary War Grave marker and a Flag. I think this and their location is why I believe the decorations were not just for Christmas.


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