Saturday, July 26, 2014

Montgomery County, PA Area - Bryn Athyn Cathedral and Cemetery

I have visited the Cathedral several times. It is a beautiful building. I did not know until recently that there was a cemetery here also. I went to visit and take some pictures in August of last year. I am finally getting around to posting them.

The Cathedral and Grounds

 One of the Gargoyles on the towers.

The Cemetery
The Cemetery is on Quarry Rd. on the grounds of the estate. It is small and quaint with mostly the same type headstones as other cemeteries in the area but it does have some unusual ones also.

  EPENETER Gravesite

 Closer view of EPENETER Gravesite

 This shell is on the EPENETER gravesite

 Gnome sitting on one of the graves.

 GREER Gravesite. One of the unusual headstones in this cemetery.

 NASH Gravesite

 ODHNER Gravesite

 One of the PITCAIRN Gravesites

SMITH Gravesite

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