Sunday, February 20, 2011

Delaware County, Pennsylvania Area Cemeteries - Holy Cross Roman Catholic Cemetery

This cemetery is under the administration of The Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

I do not know the acreage of this cemetery but it is very big - I would say at least 100 acres.
It was founded in 1890.

I took these pictures over several visits to the cemetery.

 This Angel stands above the ALEANDRO gravesite

 The Madonna is standing alongside a stone that rests atop the ASPRINO gravesite
 Both of these Little Angels sit on the grave of the PANZULLO Family

 These Little Girls appear to be the only two of three people buried in this grave. 
The inscription reads:
"Our Babies"
Then it lists their names
 This is carved into the stone of the GRABIAS grave.
I took ma close-up instead of the usual.

 This sits atop the TUTKA grave on top of the usual headstone.

Another carving that is directly carved into the stone.

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