Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Jersey Area Cemeteries - Finn's Point National Cemetery

Finn's Point National Cemetery is located south of Pennsville, New Jersey in Salem County. Established as a National Cemetery on 3 October 1875, it was used as a Confederate Burial Ground as early as 1863 for Confederate Soldiers who died at nearby Fort Delaware. The cemetery covers a little over 4 and a half acres, and is very well maintained. Finn's Point is administerd by Beverly National Cemetery in Bevely, New Jesey.

This cemetery holds the remains of 2,879 people which include Confederate Soldiers from the Civil War, German Soldiers from World War II, and a murder victim. Most of the remains in this cemetery are Confederate Soldiers.

View from outside the gates looking into the cemetery.

Historic Marker

Overview of the Cemetery

Graves with Caretakers Cottage (?) in the background.

Union Monument, dedicated in 1879

Close-up of the Union Monument
105 Union Soldiers who died at Fort Delaware are buried here.

Confederate Monument, erected in 1910

Close-up of one of the base sides of the Monument.

One of the many plaques around the base of
The Confederate Monument which lists the 2,436
Confederate Prisoners of War who died at
nearby Fort Delaware.

Graves of 13 German Prisoners of World War II

Close-up of some of the German Prisoners headstones.

Bench commemorating the death of
William Reese.

Close-up of bench.
William Reese was a caretaker of this cemetery
who was murdered in the cemetery on 9 May 1997
by serial killer, Andrew Cunanan, who also stole his truck.

Grave of William Reese' wife and son?


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