Friday, March 28, 2008

Philadelphia Area Cemeteries - West Laurel Hill

West Laurel Hill Cemetery sits on 187 acres on Belmount Ave, in Bala Cynwyd, PA., and is the sister cemetery of Laurel Hill Cemeteryin Philadelphia. Both cemeteries are on The National Register of Historic Places.

West Laurel Hill Cemetery was established in 1869 and the first burial was in 1870.

I had read somewhere that this cemetery is owned by a non-profit organization, but I have not been able to confirm that. I guess I could always call the cemetery to find out, but....

Anyway, West Laurel Hill is another of the 'rural' cemeteries. It is just as beautiful as its sister, Laurel Hill, and is also in excellent condition.
Just like her sister, West Laurel Hill Cemetery has a wonderful array of cemetery 'art'.
911 Memorial
Memorial to the Armed Services
This Memorial represents all branches of our Military including the Merchant Marines as well as POW-MIA.
Unfortunately, I did not take a very good photo of it.
Traditionally this is a Guardian in Asian cultures. I am not sure exactly what it represents.
Fron 'CHOW' gravesite
One of the many elaborate designs on mausoleum doors.
This door is on the FOERDERER mausoleum.
Detail of above door.
I have never seen a headstone like this before. This guy must really love his pets.
Close-up of the 'pets' from above grave.
This is a very different depiction of a crucifix. It is gorgeous!
From KEPHART gravesite.
The poem on this headstone tells how this man wants to be remembered after death.
I cannot write the poem out because I do not have permission.
Another detail of a mausoleum door.
I thought this was an unusual stone. I think this man was some sort of Seaman.
From WHITAKER gravesite.
Detail of above headstone.


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What great photos you have here. I now have to go and find these headstones to see and photograph myself.

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